Science in the primary school curriculum


Efficient planning for science in the school will ensure that children experience a broad and balanced curriculum in which undue repetition and significant gaps are avoided. The units selected by the school and the teacher should

  • Be based on the environment, and all pupils should have the opportunity to explore and investigate the environment systematically and thoroughly at each class level; scientific concepts and skills should be developed through explorations in the immediate environment whenever possible
  • Ensure that pupils have access to a comprehensive and balanced range of scientific ideas while providing opportunities for the development of skills and concepts through practical investigations

A broad and balanced programme will ensure that pupils have access to scientific concepts from each of the strands. Within each strand unit it is not expected that children should cover each objective. Instead, teachers at individual school level will select from the content objectives and exemplars outlined in each strand unit while ensuring that pupils apply and develop their scientific skills in a broad range of contexts.