Science in the primary school curriculum

A spiral approach to science content 

The curriculum is based on a spiral approach, in which some aspects of the biological and physical environment may be explored at each class level. The titles of the strands and the strand units are almost identical at each class level. However, the knowledge and understanding presented and the range of process skills that children are encouraged to use in scientific investigations will be developed and extended at each class level.

It is not intended that all the strand units will be taught in each class. It is a menu curriculum. Some units will be treated during junior infants only, some will be taught in the senior infants year only, while others could be profitably taught in each class, with the more complex details, concepts and methods of investigation and treatment reserved for the senior infants class. The suggestions are not intended to be prescriptive or exclusive, and the units may be supplemented by additional enrichment units, as identified in school planning or at the discretion of the teacher.