Working with textiles

Gods eyes (Ojo de Dio’s)

These are creative wrappings around a star shaped frame of 4 or 6 points which can be created out of twigs, dowel, square section wood, strip wood or lolly sticks and is suitable for pupils from first class upwards. First create the star frame by fastening the sticks together at the centre with sticky tape, glue or by wrapping with thread or yarn.

A length of yarn should be selected about one metre in length and one end should be tied to the centre of the star. It is then wrapped around the arms of the frame in a circular fashion going under and then over the arms which will increase the size of the pattern from the centre outwards. When a new piece of yarn is needed simply tie onto the end of the last piece and continue until the desired effect has been achieved.

Once the God’s Eye has been created, the pupils can choose which side is to be the front and which is to be the back as the two sides are different in design. Trim the ends of the knots and the God’s Eyes can have tassels attached or depending on their size they can become hangings, greetings cards fronts, Christmas Decorations or jewellery.