Science in the primary school curriculum

Sections in the curriculum 

The content of the science curriculum for the classes is presented in two sections:

  • A skills section, which describes the science process skills that children should develop as they encounter topics in the curriculum  
  • A number of strands, which outline the topics that may be included in the science programme. The topics within each strand are referred to as strand units. Examples and suggestions are shown in italic type throughout the content sections.

The presentation of content in these two sections is intended to help teachers in planning for the development of important skills and attitudes as knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts are acquired.

 Skills in science

The science skills outlined at this level are arranged under two headings:

  • Working scientifically describes the science skills that children should develop through their scientific investigations
  • Designing and making skills will involve pupils in exploring materials, planning designs and making models that will provide solutions to practical problems

As children work scientifically throughout these strands, a broad range of skills will be nurtured and developed in conjunction with the framework of ideas explored in each content area of science.