Science in the primary school curriculum

Our main aims in science education 

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of scientific and technological concepts through the exploration of human, natural and physical aspects of the environment
  • To develop a scientific approach to problem-solving which emphasises understanding and constructive thinking
  • To encourage the child to explore, develop and apply scientific ideas and concepts through designing and making activities
  • To foster the child’s natural curiosity, so encouraging independent enquiry and creative action
  • To help the child to appreciate the contribution of science and technology to the social, economic, cultural and other dimensions of society
  • To cultivate an appreciation and respect for the diversity of living and non-living things, their interdependence and interactions
  • To encourage the child to behave responsibly to protect, improve and cherish the environment and to become involved in the identification, discussion, resolution and avoidance of environmental problems and so promote sustainable development
  • To enable the child to communicate ideas, present work and report findings using a variety of media