Fabric and fibre in the curriculum

Fifth and sixth class

Strand Unit: Creating in fabric and fibre: The child should be enabled to:

  • Explore and discover the possibilities of fabric and fibre as media for imaginative expression. E.g. experimenting with line, shape, colour, pattern, texture, with variously textured fibres and open-weave fabric / textural effects with basic knitting and crochet stitches and woven-in items / inventing stitches for decorative effect / a simple batik experiment
  • Make small inventive pieces in fabric and fibre. E.g. designing a collage or appliqu. piece on an imaginative theme / interpreting a natural object in line, shape, colour, pattern, texture through collage or appliqu. / developing the motif as a pattern, possibly as a repeat pattern to be used in fabric printing / knitting or crocheting small individual pieces / items for personal wear/ combining knitting or crochet with other elements to create pieces of jewellery / weaving a wall-hanging using the natural environment as a source of visual inspiration
  • Make simple character toys. E.g. making inventive use of old clothes and pieces of fabric to make toys based on stories, poems, drama
  • Design and make a costume. E.g. an inventive and distinctive costume as a variation on a theme for members of a band / using a computer art program to create and modify a costume design

Strand Unit: Looking and responding: The child should be enabled to:

  • Look at, handle and talk about a variety of fabrics and fibres for experience of tactile, visual and spatial qualities. E.g. soft, fluffy, coarse, smooth, stiff, warm, cool / finely or thickly woven or structured, textured / colour and pattern / covering, folding and draping qualities / the work of artists who have used these fabrics
  • Look at and talk about his/her work and the work of other children. E.g. describing the piece of work / how the materials chosen may have suggested ways of interpreting an idea / how different textures, colours and patterns combine / how challenges in construction and design were or could be overcome / what is pleasing about the work
  • Look at and talk about woven, embroidered, knitted and other fabrics, including interesting items of clothing from different times and cultures, and explore the role of textiles in culture
  • Look at fabric crafts and artefacts and visit a craftsperson at work if possible