Final thoughts

All children should experience a well planned and structured printmaking programme through primary school, progressively building upon skills and techniques as they are learned. Ideally, children will have had opportunities to use printmaking as a means of expression, printed for a variety of purposes and experimented with printing on a variety of surfaces including fabric. When faced with a collection of multiple images, children may be encouraged to select a particularly successful print for display and consider some of the following for the other prints:

  • Work back into the print with other mediums
  • Cut up and reorganise prints to provide new works or starting points
  • Scan prints into a computer and use software packages to further manipulate the images

Looking at and discussing work by established printmakers will provide some initial starting points as well as informing the children about their own practice. Identifying work that has been generated as a result of the printmaking process rather than reproductions of drawn images may be difficult at first, but the more their own practice and understanding develops, the easier they will find it.