Dyeing and tie-dye techniques

Ring effect / pleating and tied marbled effect

Any shape of cotton fabric can be used for this technique as the effect is smaller and more focussed. Place a marble (or similar item e.g. bottle top bead, button etc.) onto the fabric and gather the cotton around the marble securing it in place with an elastic band pulled tight. Repeat the process until the cotton has been covered with the number of marbles required and then immerse in the dye. Repeat the dyeing process as for the starburst effect and when the elastic bands are removed un-dyed rings of the fabric can clearly been seen.


A square or rectangular piece of fabric is folded into pleats either diagonally or from side to side and the pleated strip folded in half. Elastic bands should be wrapped tightly around the cotton at intervals and then the dyeing and rinsing process carried out as described before.

Tied Marbled Effect

Any shape of cotton fabric can be scrunched into a ball and then wrapped tightly with elastic bands. Dye, rinse and dry the fabric as before and when the elastic bands are removed a randomly dyed marbled effect can be seen.