Classroom, organisation and management for printmaking


There is relatively little needed to set up printmaking in the classroom and it is worth investing in some specific resources. Although many early experiments can be done using paint, it is best to use a water-based printing ink as soon as possible. The primary colours, black and white will provide children with all they need to create their own range of colours as well as reinforcing colour-mixing ‘theory’ introduced though painting. A portable (shareable) printing box may contain various multiples of:

  • Water-based printing ink
  • Soft rollers (sponge)
  • Hard rollers (rubber)
  • Inking trays, or glass / perspex sheet
  • Stencil brush
  • Palette knives
  • Pre-cut newspaper

In addition to this, to facilitate the making of printing blocks, you will need to buy or collect;

  • Lino and some tools
  • Polystyrene printing material (Pressprint, Easyprint)
  • A range of card and papers
  • Fabrics and other collage materials
  • Scraps of wood and items to make marks with

Needless to say, many of the resources needed to create printing blocks would be found among general art collections.