Print in the curriculum

Fifth and sixth class 

Strand Unit: Making prints

The child should be enabled to: 

  • Experiment with more complex printmaking techniques / discovering how simple prints could be further developed / overprinting with contrasting shapes or colours / overlapping or placing shapes side by side / masking out areas and taking a further print / using an expanding colour range to create more complex images / experimenting with a related technique to make photograms that concentrate on expressive shape, negative shape & outline
  • Use more complex print-making techniques to make theme-based or nonrepresentational prints / making a variety of relief prints / composing relief print blocks with line, shape, texture, pattern / re-interpreting his/her observational drawings and sketches in relief prints making monoprints, emphasising line, shape, texture / combining with other print-making techniques / making pictorial rubbings / interpreting some of his/her drawings in terms of flat shape or silhouette together with some interesting textures / making silk-screen prints / re-interpreting some of his/her drawings as flat shape
  • Make prints for functional uses (as well as for their own sake) / experimenting with fabric-printing techniques / making posters / designing and printing cards and logos
  • Use a computer art program to create original images that are not dependent on clip art.                

Strand Unit: Looking and responding – fifth/sixth class

The child should be enabled to:

  • Look at, handle and talk about natural and manufactured objects for experience of texture, shape and pattern
  • Look at and talk about his/her work, the work of other children and art prints or print design that demonstrate a variety of print-making techniques / describing the print / line, shape and negative shape, texture, pattern, colour and       tone and the effect achieved / the decisions taken while working / the techniques used by the artist and speculating on why they were chosen / the most satisfactory elements or impact of the print.