Getting started with fabric and fibre


Fabric and fibre are natural media for design and expression. Children enjoy handling, exploring, inventing, constructing and designing with them. They love their colour, richness and variety and the way they feel. Maintaining an inventive approach to the media is important, the children should remain the designers. Their attention should be drawn to the use of fabric and fibre in everyday life, in the home and in clothing and their use in art.

Activities in this area will include investigating the construction of fabric and creating their own, interpreting nature in weaving and appliqué, inventing dramatic costumes to dress up in, creating their own soft toys in a simple way, designing for fashion, and using the computer to plan their designs.

Starting points for activities within this strand may vary: for example, direct observation of the visual environment might be a stimulating starting point for a weaving project, and fabric itself might suggest an appliqué or collage design. The suggested starting points are:

  • Working from experience and imagination
  • Focusing on materials and tools
  • Working from observation and curiosity