Construction in the curriculum

Fifth and sixth class

Strand unit: Making constructions: The child should be enabled to:

  • Explore and experiment with the properties and characteristics of materials in making structures / outlines and spaces created / how the different parts relate to the whole / the rhythms that are set up / whether the structure is delicately balanced or robust and solid / whether some areas of the structure are busier than others / exploring the possibilities of abstract freestanding paper sculpture / the play of light on the structure / the overall sense of balance created
  • Make drawings from observation to analyse form and structure / drawing structures seen in nature and exploring light and shade / investigating structure and balance in contemporary architecture and sculpture
  • Make imaginative structures / designing theme-based structures relating to local events and festivals / designing large-scale papier mache forms and structures / monsters, dinosaurs, huge masks / designing non-representational structures in relief, concentrating on planes, shapes, rhythm, the play of light and shadow, texture / designing wire structures that emphasise line and are effective from all angles / designing a model with moving parts using a suitable CAD program (where available) to design a structure

Strand unit: Looking and responding: The child should be enabled to:

  • Look at, investigate and talk about spatial arrangements, balance and outline in collections or photographs of natural and manufactured structures / large seed heads, containers (e.g. spiral sea shells) shopping centres, churches
  • Look at and talk about his/her work and the work of other children / describing the construction / how the materials chosen helped to fulfil or frustrate his/her intentions / spaces, outlines, rhythms created / what he/she feels about the construction
  • Look at and talk about impressive examples of buildings created in the past in different parts of the world and at contemporary architecture, sculpture, engineering and design (slides or prints) / make a plan or model for an imaginative building