Silk screen printing, wax resist and wax crayon transfer

Screen printing

Stencilling is a good introduction to silk-screen printing.

  • A stencil is placed on a page that is positioned under the screen
  • A strip of ink is laid across the top of the screen and spread with a firm, steady pull of a squeegee
  • The image is formed by the combination of the inked area and the area that had been protected from the ink
  • A viewfinder could be used to isolate a section of a drawing or sketch and this should be re-interpreted as flat shapes and used as the basis for a design
  • Tempera paint can be used in silkscreen printing

The screen consists of a frame over which a piece of organdie is stretched and tacked. A squeegee is similar to a rubber-bladed window-cleaner. A strip of hardboard, approximately 6 cm deep and the width of the screen, can be used in its place, the ‘blade’ side protected with waterproof adhesive tape.