Paint and colour in the curriculum


Strand unit: Painting - infants

The child should be enabled to:

  • Experiment with a variety of colour drawing instruments and media to develop colour awareness / paint, coloured pencils and crayons / print, fabric and fibre / experimenting with colour-mixing / exploring the colour possibilities of computer painting tools
  • Use colour to express vividly recalled feelings, experiences and imaginings / home and play / dreams and longings / special occasions
  • Discover colour in the visual environment to help develop sensitivity to colour / beginning to distinguish between lighter and darker colours / making paintings with a single colour and black and white
  • Discover colour, pattern and rhythm in colourful objects / stones, flowers, colour magazine cut-outs, fabric scraps / experimenting in matching their colours in an elementary way
  • Discover the relationship between how things feel and how they look / texture in natural and manufactured objects / texture created using paint, brushes and found objects in a variety of ways.

Strand unit: Looking and responding - infants

The child should be enabled to:

  • Look at and talk about his/her work, the work of other children and the work of artists / describing what is happening in the painting / the colours used to create lines, shapes and light and dark areas / how he/she enjoyed making them / how the artist might have used colour / his/her favourite part.