Classroom Organisation and Management for Painting

Materials Planning

Painting activities need to plan for the use of a range of paint, applicators, papers and starting points. Assuming that you are fortunate enough to have access to this range, consideration needs to be given to the accessibility of materials.

  • How is access arranged?
  • How independent are the children able to be?
  • Is there sufficient space?
  • Can they work flat /on easels?

Sometimes the most effective solutions are creative rather than costly! Egg boxes provide an excellent receptacle for powder colour that can be easily stacked when not in use. Infants can effectively manage a system of red, blue, two yellows, (you seem to get through twice as much) black and white in an egg box. The children are shown how to load a wet bush with brush with dry powder and then mix this on a flat palette.

Other advantages of powder colour include being able to mix it with a variety of other things e.g. sand or P.V.A. glue.Having a range of materials, well organised and accessible is the key to providing the kind of environment that will encourage young people across the key stages to want to experiment in this area of art experience.