Overview of the visual arts curriculum

Aims of the visual arts programme

The stated aims of the visual arts curriculum are:

  • To help the child develop sensitivity to the visual, spatial and tactile world, and to provide for aesthetic experience
  • To help the child express ideas, feelings and experiences in visual and tactile forms to enable the child to have enjoyable and purposeful experiences of different art media and to have opportunities to explore, experiment, imagine, design, invent and communicate with different art materials
  • To promote the child’s understanding of and personal response to the creative processes involved in making two and three-dimensional art
  • To enable the child to develop the skills and techniques necessary for expression, inventiveness and individuality
  • To enable the child to experience the excitement and fulfilment of creativity and the achievement of potential through art activities
  • To foster sensitivity towards and enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts
  • To provide opportunities for the child to explore how the work of artists and craftspeople might relate to his/her own work